About Me

I hope you was paying attention before, because you will need to remember my name.
From now on I will be the only one you will be thinking about. Not even your girlfriend/wife (even though I really doubt that a pathetic slave like found a girl!) or family is more important than me.
I'm a young, inteligent, dominant, sophisticated and open minded goddess whit much sex-appeal.
And i will use this atout in my favour to have total control over you. You will never know what hit you! I get pleasure out of controlling my slave's bank accounts and credit cards. I love going on vacations that you pay for. I fully enjoy the control that I have over my slaves.

As a strict, powerful, demanding Mistress, I have a very wicked mind and lots of dirty devilish desires and commands that you little sub will have to follow.
Remember: Your duty is to please ME! My wish will always be your comand!

Only Me